About the Gallery

Sexuality pushes people’s buttons, especially fringe sexuality; but that’s its whole point. When you look at someone in a sexually suggestive photo, in addition to the initial shock value, there’s also a “body projection” reaction, because, when you see someone doing pretty much anything, your brain can’t help but think “what if that were me?” and in the case of fetish photography, that might be an arousing thought.

Nothing you see in the gallery is faked. All models actually inserted the objects shown. Insertion photography is erotic, yet raunchy. Presented on classy black velvet – the mind knows what’s going on, without having it explicitly shown.

Additionally, all models posed voluntarily, without pay, because it was something they wanted to do. They were not coerced by financial gain, but rather, their motivation was simply to participate in the erotic art.

All photos are shot in raw mode, ultra-high resolution, with exquisite detail. Metal prints come with a mounting bracket, and are printed on brilliant white high gloss surface for unsurpassed detail and vibrance. Posters are printed on high quality paper with premium high-gloss finish.