• Jacqui Holland

    John is a good photographer who really takes his time and cares about the product :)

  • Solveig Cirone

    I loved working with John. He is calm and makes me feel comfortable. His editing on the photos makes me look my best.

  • Taisiia Hughes

    John was 1st professional photographer who makes photoshoot with me. I didn't knew him well at that time, that's why I was a little nervous. But after first 10-15 minutes of work with him my mood was totally change. He was very open and friendly to me, that's makes me calm and at the same time feel safe + he had all of that professional suggestions about my poses, arms, face motions - what was really helpful and makes me feel confident and looking natural on the photos.

    So 1st shoot was very successful - photos was great! And we had many more shoots after that. He is one of my Best photographer. Thank you, John ??

  • Sarah Harrison

    I absolutely loved working with John and highly recommend him to anyone who wants top notch, incredibly gorgeous, and professional pictures!

  • James Pham, CEO of EnlighTea Cafe

    John and Moxie California is the real deal... their photos are hands down professional, impressionable and full of great, amazing models that we would be honored and proud to have as our tea models for EnlighTea Cafe marketing... in fact, some are and we are so grateful! John's work coupled with these beautiful talent not only enhances our Brand of Love, Light and Luxury, but creates an even bigger market and desirability of our products and services! Needless to say, I recommend moxie california and John to all businesses who want to get great marketing and promotionals for their brand ... and definitely recommend models continue to shoot with them so we can continue to receive a great pool of hot tea models to choose from for our next photo shoots!! ?????

  • Alisha "PrettyBird" Lewis

    I love working with John, he is very professional and does some amazing work! He shot me when I was new into modeling and always made sure I was comfortable. He has a great eye for shots that make you look and feel great. I highly recommend him!

  • Jo Johnson, Jaquima a Freno Morgan Stock Horses

    John and I caught up in a park in Rowland Heights, CA, where I had some of my Morgan Horses. He asked if we minded if he used one of the Morgans in his photo shoot with a beautiful model, and since my horses are extremely gentle, we agreed. The photos are STUNNING!! John is not just professional, he is patient, kind, and clearly willing to take the extra time that might be necessary when working not just with people, but animals. Very, very impressive, in every way. I look forward to having an opportunity to work with him again!

  • Alison Christianson

    Highly recommend John for your next photo session a complete professional and always a pleasure to work with.

  • Allie Christine

    5 STARS. I loved working with MoxieCalifornia Photography. Professional environment and some of the best shots I've ever done! I'd recommend it to anyone considering their services!

  • Arielle Lipscomb

    John is very fun to work with and keeps me laughing the whole time! He is very positive and makes you feel good about yourself while shooting. He's a great photographer and I definitely recommend shooting with him! =)

  • Cali Cat

    I absolutely love working with John. He is so professional but also really fun and goofy. He brings out the best in you for photography because he has great ideas and knows what looks good! You also never have to worry about getting your pics or anything you need done because he's on it and reliable. Can't wait to work with you again John :) Thanks

  • Anya Bay

    I`ve worked with John several times and I can`t say enough of nice things about him! He`s very professional, creative, fast and a blast to work with! I received beautiful photos and a fun experience! RECOMMEND.

  • Britney Brendon

    John is a fantastic photographer! He was very professional but also made the session really fun. He shoots really fast too, not wasting your time yet he still pays close attention to every little detail. He was extremely patient during outfit changes, which allowed me to feel at ease and relaxed. John was very creative with all of the different options for poses.

  • Shanna Rae

    Love working with John! Very professional, fun and extremely talented. Love his work.

  • Lizzie Fuller

    John is an amazing photographer. I had some of the best photos of my modeling career with him.

  • The Street Angel - Mandelyn Reese

    I had a nice photography session with John. He never made me uncomfortable or unsafe. He was easy to work with and a cool guy.

  • Svetlana Axten

    It is pleasure to work with John. He is very polite, kind, artistic, patient, intelligent, smart and fun! And also he can dance ballroom!

  • Valeriia

    John is very talanted and creative photographer! Always professional in all projects he working on! It was pleasure for me to work with John!

  • Anna Whalen

    John is very professional, on point photographer with a fantastic, out of this world, sense of tact. Loved both the process and the result.

  • Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg

    I absolutely love working with John! He has an incredible eye and knows how to bring the best out of his models! He is a fun and easy going guy who can make anyone feel comfortable and beautiful yet he always is 100% professional...and most importantly his pictures come out amazing! Did I mention I love working with John? :)

  • Mia Erickson

    John is so much fun to work with he’s come a long way in his photography and in a short time. He’s always respectful and treats his models like they’re a friend. Easy going and full of jokes too.

  • Marian Wymore

    John is a genius at capturing you looking and feeling your best. He makes you feel confident, beautiful, and fully self expressed!

  • Mary Vasadi

    It was amazing working with Moxie California Photography. John is amazing and talented to work with. John is super respectful and guides you through whatever you need to be doing while you're doing the shoot. He is super fast and knows what he wants. His work is breathtaking. I enjoy working with them. Definitely will be shooting again soon ??

  • Marina Orlova

    John is very responsible and creative photographer. I'm an actress and have huge experience with photographers and directors around the world. I have to say I liked to work with John, I like how he sees me. He has his special style, but what I appreciate is that he noticed my individuality and made different type of photos with me.

  • Victoryia

    John mccarthy was really good to work with. His photography was really good and the results were more than I expected!
    Let's go to photo shoot with him !

  • Oksana Kalinuka

    John is an incredible professional photographer. His enthusiasm makes life exciting and creative for any occasion photo job. His patience and attention to small details makes all photos an incredibly vivid and unique. I love working with John and would recommend him for sure to all my friends.

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