Pricing Chart

25 for 25


/25 photos

1 Look
25 photos
Studio lighting
1 Edited photo



/5 outfits

5 Outfits
About 250 photos
5 Edited photos
Natural lighting




Unlimited outfits
2 Hours in studio or outdoors
10 Edited photos

Corporate Photography

Event Photography

$300 for 4 hours to cover your party, event, ballroom competition, or showcase. I will take behind the scenes shots, photos of the audience, sponsors, and dance floor or stage. Complete event coverage.

Models with Products

We supply the models and you supply the product. Not only you will get great product photos, but our models will help promote your product by putting the photos on their profiles. Call and we can discuss your goals and pricing.

Celebrity Services

Planned Paparazzi

If you are sick of the Paparazzi catching you at embarrassing moments, why not have Paparazzi style photos where you get to decide the action? I can work with you on a carefully planned Paparazzi photo shoot. Photos using a Paparazzi style will be edited and approved then submitted to magazines and tabloids under my anonymous pseudonym. Read more HERE

Model / Actress

"25 for 25"

25 Shots for $25 with one look. Perfect for the last minute actress that needs shots ASAP with a specific wardrobe or before an audition. You come to my location and I will give you 25 high quality shots and 1 edit for $25.

5 Outfits Indoor Studio - $225

5 Looks. 250 indoor studio shots (~50 each outfit), and 5 edits, at my location.

5 Outfits Outdoor Glamour - $325

5 Looks. 250 outdoor shots (~50 each outfit), and 5 edits, at the location of your choice. Call and we can discuss your goals and I can make location suggestions.

5 Outfits Your Location - $375

5 Looks. I will bring my strobe lights to your location and you will get about 250 shots (~50 each outfit), and 5 edits, at your location.

Quickchange Package - $425

Two hours in as many outfits or swimsuits as you can change into at either my studio, the beach, or an outdoor location. Call and we can discuss your goals and I can make location suggestions.

Full Day - $1600 / day

Have passport and willing to travel to any location for full day photo shoots. Client covers all travel expenses and hotel. Call me and we can discuss details and goals. With an assistant: Add $300/day.

Time for Prints - $negotiable

If you are a struggling actress, or the above packages are out of your price range, we can work out an arrangement where I may be able to hire you out for a job, in trade for your photoshoot. Call me and I will see if book you on a job in trade for a photo shoot. I am always looking for models for trade shows, car shows, or just general product photo shoots.