What clothing and accessories should I bring for my photo shoot?

Try to bring costumes, not just outfits. Think "Biker girl with leather pants and jacket" or "country girl with a plaid shirt and jean shorts". Bring 10 changes of clothing and we will select 5. Remember to bring jewelry and accessories also. Hats, scarves, necklaces, hairpieces, whatever.

What should I bring to a beach photo shoot?

Swimsuits naturally. But also remember to bring bottled water, a towel to dry yourself, plastic bags to put wet clothing, rubber shoes or running shoes for walking on the rocks, and leave your cell phone in the car so it doesn't get sandy or wet.

The models on your portfolio pages are beautiful and I feel intimidated. Do they really look like that?

No. They've been photoshopped. Lots. You will look equally as amazing when I am done with you too. Click HERE to see how images are edited.

Do you need to see my ID or Drivers license?

Yes. You must bring a photo ID before we shoot. No ID, no photo shoot.

Always bring hiking boots or appropriate footwear for walking out to or on locations. You must also bring a photo ID. If you want your photos at the time of the shoot, bring a thumb drive.

Black is my favorite color. Can I wear black on my photo shoot?

Never wear black to a photo shoot as it never shows up well on camera. Bring bright colorful clothing. If you bring black clothing I will make you do 10 push-ups for each item as punishment.

What is your favorite color?

Red. Red looks great on camera and always provokes and incites emotion.

I forgot to tan this week. Should I apply fake tan creme at the last minute before my photo shoot?

No. A last minute creme applied tan will do more harm than good to the final images.

How can I schedule a photo shoot with you?

The easiest way is to call directly. Once we make a connection we can work by email or text but that initial connection by hearing a person's voice is very important.

It's overcast outside, should we cancel the photoshoot?

Overcast is by far the BEST lighting conditions. Full sun is harsh and shows all your wrinkles. When it's overcast, that's when you want to shoot the most!

I don't have a lot of money and I'm a struggling actress. What packages do you have for me?

I can always work a trade with a new model if she has something special. Call me and I will see if book you on a job in trade for a photo shoot. I am always looking for models for trade shows, car shows, or just general product photo shoots.

What cities do you do photo shoots?

I'm based in Irvine California but I travel a lot. I can make arrangements to photo shoot with you in San Diego California, Las Vegas Nevada, Salt Lake City Utah, St George Utah, Los Angeles California, Yuma Arizona, or anyplace in between. I travel a lot.

Always use light makeup for a photoshoot. If you use heavy makeup, the face appears a different color than the body. All photos will be processed through a skin filter and light makeup is best.

I've never done modeling. Can we still work together?

Yes. I will show you how to pose, and direct you into the best poses. After two or three photo shoots together you will be posing like a pro.

How long is a photo shoot session?

I like to keep sessions to less than 2 hours.

How will you retouch or "Photoshop" my images?

Our retouching includes removal of minor blemishes such as pimples, overall skin smoothing and removal of stretch marks and scars, eye and teeth brightening as well as minimize wrinkles and dark circles. I also reshape and contour your body to give you the best supermodel appearance you can have.

I'm very shy and would like to have some boudoir photographs taken for a gift. Can you help me?

Yes, of course! I specialize in implied and artistic nude photography with a style that is very classic and tasteful. With photo shoots of more than 400 models I am very experienced with putting you at ease and making your session a fun and memorable experience. Boudoir and nude photos are popular gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding night gifts, milestone celebrations or just as a gift for you!

I have never been in a pro studio and sure don't look like a super model! How can you help?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to beauty and boudoir photography. I carefully discuss and plan all sessions in order to capture the essence of each individual by utilizing lighting, fashion, props and environments that support the idea and look you have in mind. Fine art nude photography has more to do with lighting, posing and angles. Feel free to bring ideas of your own as well or send me a sample of something you would like to recreate.

Are my images going to be in your portfolio and the Internet?

Only if you choose to do so. Most of my clients love the images and have no problems with being in my portfolio. Should you choose to keep them private, I offer written mutual non-publish confidentiality agreements. The decision is entirely up to you!